Olde City Soccer Academy

Facilities & Directions


Saints Field

Saints Field, home to the men's and women's soccer teams, is located adjacent to Drysdale Field. In 2002, the field had a state-of-the-art lighting system installed. On Oct. 12, the first night soccer match was played with the women's team posting a 6-0 shutout over Shorter College. New stands were added allowing the capacity to grow to 340 spectators. A new grandstand was built in the summer of 2013 which included the addition of 119 chairback seats and the capacity grew to 700.

The first official game to be played with the seating was Sept. 4, 2014, the season opener for the men's soccer team against former rival Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Universty.

Improvements that came in 2010 were new windscreens, sound system and additions to the bench areas. Teams now have the opportunity to change in the Flagler Locker Room Facility which was completed Feb. 3, 2011. Both soccer teams have their own locker rooms as well as softball and baseball. A training room and officials room are also located in the locker room facility.